For his “Ashes Series,” Wafaa Bilal built miniature reconstructions of scenes from photos depicting the impact of war in domestic spaces. Before photographing his models, he dusted them with human ashes—an effort, he says, to establish a human presence in the otherwise unpeopled scenes. Take a look:


Tastes Like Art

We eat first with our eyes. When strawberries are perfectly red, they seem to taste sweeter. When chicken is painted blue, it’s disturbing. The ancient Romans understood that, and certainly today’s top chefs exploit it when they plate their food.

A new study shows that diners thought an artistic salad (arranged to look like a Kandinsky painting) was tastier than salad in other configurations. Here’s the full story.

Now my friends over at NPR’s food blog are challenging YOU to create dishes based on other pieces of art. Send us your pics @NPRFood #NPRfineartfood.

Image Credit: Museum of Modern Art; Crossmodal Research Laboratory

(via npr)